Public Institution ”Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (hereinafter referred to as PI IEESD of NAS of Ukraine, or institute) was established by the Resolution of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine № 309 of 03.11.2010. It is subordinated to the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and is part of the Branch of Economics of NAS of Ukraine. The institute is included in the State Register of scientific institutions which receive state support.

The main tasks of the institute are fundamental and applied investigations of environmental economics aimed at ensuring economic justification of formation and realization of the state policy in the sphere of use and protection of natural resources and sustainable development.

Practically all research and development activities of the institute are carried out with a focus on the use of their results by state and local authorities.

PI IEESD of NAS of Ukraine consists of five academic departments, scientific organizational department, administrative unit (personnel department, accounting department, administrative office, and household administration), and area of small offset printing.

The institute employs one academician of NAS of Ukraine and one academician of NAAS of Ukraine, 15 Doctors and 30 Candidates of Science, 12 professors, three Honoured Workers of Science and Technology of Ukraine. The institute provides Ph.D. and Doctoral courses, Specialized Academic Council for defense of Doctoral and Candidates’ (Ph.D.) theses as well as Young Scientists Council and Scientific Publishing Council.

PI IEESD of NAS of Ukraine publishes a specialized journal "Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development".

PI IEESD of NAS of Ukraine provides training of scientific specialists – candidates and doctors – through postgraduate and senior doctorate studies in speciality 08.00.06 – economics of nature management and environmental protection.

The institute has the Specialized Academic Council with the right to consider and conduct defense of theses for the degree of Doctor and Candidate of Economics in the above speciality.

PI IEESD of NAS of Ukraine annually holds or is a co-organizer of international and national scientific conferences, methodological seminars, round table talks and so on.

The institute specialists have many years experience in the field of scientific justification of sustainable ecologically balanced socio-economic development of Ukraine and its regions and are ready for fruitful cooperation with all interested government and local government agencies, institutions and entities.


  1. Economic and environmental effectiveness of water resources usage.
  2. Market of water resources under conditions of technogenic presure.
  3. Efficiency of water resources management.
  4. Economic and environmental effectiveness of of land and forest resources usage.
  5. Effectiveness of administration of land and forest resources.
  6. Sustainable socio-ecological development of rural territories.
  7. Assessment of losses from environmental pollution.
  8. Mechanism of local environmental policy development.
  9. Methodology of environmental conventions implementation.
  10. Environmental policy for reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
  11. Assessment of transnational cooperation toward reduction of environmental pollution.
  12. Nature-technogenic and environmental risks and damages in the system of national security.
  13. Waste management: economic and ecological issues.
  14. Economic and ecological aspects of secondary raw materials usage.
  15. Social safety in the context of sustainable development.
  16. Sustainable delivery of ecosystem services: business models and management mechanisms.
  17. Corporate forms of securing local sustainable development with consideration of the possible effects of climate change.
  18. Green investment in community's economic activities.
  19. Territorial cohesion mechanisms for achieving sustainable development goals.