1. Economic and environmental effectiveness of water resources usage.
  2. Market of water resources under conditions of technogenic presure.
  3. Efficiency of water resources management.
  4. Economic and environmental effectiveness of of land and forest resources usage.
  5. Effectiveness of administration of land and forest resources.
  6. Sustainable socio-ecological development of rural territories.
  7. Assessment of losses from environmental pollution.
  8. Mechanism of local environmental policy development.
  9. Methodology of environmental conventions implementation.
  10. Environmental policy for reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
  11. Assessment of transnational cooperation toward reduction of environmental pollution.
  12. Nature-technogenic and environmental risks and damages in the system of national security.
  13. Waste management: economic and ecological issues.
  14. Economic and ecological aspects of secondary raw materials usage.
  15. Social safety in the context of sustainable development.
  16. Sustainable delivery of ecosystem services: business models and management mechanisms.
  17. Corporate forms of securing local sustainable development with consideration of the possible effects of climate change.
  18. Green investment in community's economic activities.
  19. Territorial cohesion mechanisms for achieving sustainable development goals.